Master Class
1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour class where the student will engage in creative movement, unique choreography and technique. Also learning to love themselves as an artist and work together to make a difference through dance.

Improvisation Workshop
A 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour class where the student will engage in various improvisation exercises. Leaving with the knowledge and successful tools to improve in any style confidently.

Nutrition Class
Heathy Eating Habits for Dancers
Food Journal
Exercising Right for Your Body Type
One-On-One Meal Plan

Inspire Greatness Workshop
A two- day Intensive focusing on:
Execution of Technique
Dynamics of Choreography Skills
Audition Technique
Musicality Technique
Improvisation Technique
Performance Technique
Body and Nutrition Education
Discussion about Agency, Headshots, and Resume
Mock Audition with Q & A
Video Shoot


Guest Choreography
Original and artistic pieces
Dance Performance Pieces- Solo, Duo, Trio, Group
Dance Competition Pieces – Solo, Duo, Trio, Group
Industry work – Music Artist Song/s Tour, Music Videos, Stage Performances

Video and Photo Shoot Direction
Working with client on overall vision
Guiding client with motivation and inspiration
Executing artistic vision

Competition and Performance
Routine Critiques
Routine Cleanings
Assessment of Technique, Execution, Performance


College Mentorship
One-on-One Coaching for guiding through applications
Customized coaching for each individual
Essay development and critique
Leadership journey with concreate goal setting

Life Coaching Mentorship
One-on-One Coaching for professional development and life management
Leadership journey with concreate goal setting
Customized program fore each individual